YOU ARE HERE (with Jan Baracz) (2013)

A blueprint-colored digitally manipulated aerial photograph of the flight approach to the Philadelphia International Airport, with a red arrow indicating the final destination of travelers, is sandblasted into forty-eight windows of the airport’s new Terminal F allowing travelers to locate themselves and their flight experience.

A collaboration with Jan Baracz. Commissioned by the City of Philadelphia.

You Are Here, Jan Baracz / Ellen Harvey, 2013. 48 glass panels, each 33. ½” (85.1 cm) x 116 5/16″ (295.4 cm) glass panels  (1,299 sq. ft (121 sqm.)) airbrushed with ceramic melting colors and sandblasted, steel clips. Photography: Jan Baracz.

An original work commissioned and owned by the City of Philadelphia.
Fabrication: Mayer of Munich. Installation: US Glass and Metal Inc.