Southeast corner of Meserole Street and Moultie Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

February 2001

This is the industrial park section of Greenpoint. It’s busy during the week, but it was deserted on the weekends when I was painting.

I made up this painting. It was meant to look like a romantic pastoral scene, but somehow it ended up looking more like a primordial swamp. Part of the problem was that the wall was extremely rough. Even after I spent several days gessoing and sanding my oval, I still had trouble painting the detail. As a result, all my foliage ended up being inappropriately large and menacing.

I left my cell phone here and couldn’t find it when I came back the next day. I tried calling it and a woman answered. When I asked her to give the phone back, she laughed and said, “Yeah, right!”

The painting was still there when I last drove by.