NETWORK (2019)

A mosaic for the entrance to Boston’s South Station commissioned by WTS-Boston to celebrate the contributions of women to transportation. The “network” of the title, refers both to the greater Boston transportation network (pictured on the left side of the mosaic) and to the social networking supported by WTS. It also references the hidden work of women, here represented by almost invisible mermaids who are working surveying the land in the sea portion of the mosaic. A small gold circle indicates the location of South Station and situates viewers in the network.

Network, Ellen Harvey, 2019. Hand-cut glass stone mosaic on three walls, 634 sq. ft. (58.9 m2). Commissioned by WTS – Boston. Fabricated and installed by Miotto Mosaic Art Studio and Travisanutto SRL Artistic Mosaics. Photography: Ellen Harvey Studio.