Hier ist Dort 2

curated by Anna Meyer
Secession, Vienna, Austria
February 14 – April 14, 2002

Tim Gardner, Ellen Harvey, H. + H. Joos, Michael Krebber, Marko Lulic, Lisa Milroy, Katrin Plavcak, Andreas Siekmann, Melanie Smith, Esther Stocker, Amelie von Wulffen

The group exhibition Hier ist Dort 2, uses the example of painting to discuss processes of visualization in between reality and abstraction in a society marked by media. Rather than seeking to assume one of these extreme stances or delimit a space, the artistic practices involved attempt to semantically imbue the path of visualization. This path between places—between here and there, between the viewers, social structures and the picture, between reality and abstraction—often remains one that is merely sketched. The works thus underscore the impossibility of occupying a place, while simultaneously emphasizing the intention of understanding picture production as not being a replica of a reality. The term place is to be read in a multifaceted way, whether it is spatially, philosophically, poetically, abstractly, politically or methodically.

Bad Boy Klimt

Graffiti based on Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze (located in the basement of the Vienna Secession) painted onto the Secession building.

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