The Disappointed Tourist

Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, IrelandApril 15 – May 28, 2023 Butler Gallery is delighted to present The Disappointed Tourist, a series of over two-hundred-and-sixty paintings by the UK born, NYC-based artist, Ellen Harvey, inspired by the desire to repair what has been destroyed. The places immortalized in the paintings were supplied by members of the public who […]


 A project for Interpreting the History of Pollution, Art Prospect / TRASH 5, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a public art festival, curated by CEC ArtsLink, Tazar Kyrgyzstan & The Bishkek School of Contemporary Art. Both art and trash are products of humanity that can be said to be defined by their lack of usefulness. However, while art is loved and […]


 A hand-drawn Max Beckmann walks through his collection of postcards, occasionally changing outfits or morphing into different objects. The hummed song to which he walks is the well-known German nursery song Hänschen Klein (Little Hans, 1899, by Franz Widedemann) which tells of a boy who leaves his sorrowing mother to go out into the world […]

Ellen Harvey: Missing You

Curated by Agnieszka Kulazińska Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk, PolandJanuary 2 – March 26, 2023 Ellen Harvey is a British/American conceptual artist using a wide range of media. She creates oil paintings, drawings, installations, maps, and works in public spaces. In her work she often uses classical techniques to examine contemporary society, our attitude […]


In this contemporary reinterpretation of Sattler’s famous panorama of Salzburg, the views  are partially hidden by a disintegrating selfie ghost and are then animated to create an easily shareable GIF.  The paintings are based on photographs taken by Tina Teufel standing on the same tower that Sattler used as his vantage point. The city of […]


Collections of rear-illuminated dark mirrors hand-engraved to look like mobile phones and tablets in which someone is trying to capture a sunset. On the Impossibility of Capturing a Sunset (in Margate), Ellen Harvey, 2020. 65 Hand-engraved Plexiglas mirrors, Lumisheets, Plexiglas frames, electric cords, dimensions variable, here: 67 x 79” (1.7 x 2m). Photograph: Thierry Bal. […]


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A corner installation with identical salon-style hangings of mirrors and gilded panels. The gold panels are installed over a wallpaper of palaces and wanna-be palaces and some of their inhabitants. All That Glitter, Ellen Harvey, 2020. Adhesive paper printout, 40 gilded Gessoboards, 30 Plexiglas mirrors, together: 10′ x 40″ (3 m x 1 m). Photographs: […]


A collaboration between Blane de St. Croix and Ellen Harvey. Inspired by the mangrove glades of the Everglades and Miami area, Sky Grove inserts marble mangrove trees and herons and their reflections into the terrazzo floor of the Jackson West Hospital entrance.  The groves are mirrored so that as visitors cross the hospital threshold, they briefly step […]