The Museum of Failure (The Collection of Impossible Subjects & Invisible Self-Portraits), 2007 

(Installation view at Luxe Gallery).  8 ft (2.44 m) x 12 ft (3.65 m) wall of hand-engraved and sanded mirrored plexi-glas, aluminum frame, fluorescent lights.  Rear wall painted in latex with pencil drawing, twelve paintings in oils in second-hand frames.  Photographs:  Jan Baracz

The Collection of Impossible Subjects:  Context triumphs over subject.  An eight foot by twelve foot rear-illuminated wall of mirrored plexi-glas, hand-engraved to show a salon-style installation of elaborate empty frames.  One frame is cut out to provide a view of the room beyond which contains an installation of rectangular Invisible Self-Portraits; the interiors of the other frames have been sanded out leaving an opaque white surface.  The paneling of the wall is identical to the paneling of the gallery which can be seen reflected in the mirror.

The Museum of Failure has many rooms.  These are the first two.